Since going natural, I have seen lots of reviews that rave about the multi-purpose Loc Soc. Now that my hair has gained more length, I of course had to try it out for myself to see what all the hype is about :) The Loc Soc is basically a piece of long stretchy fabric that has been sewn into the shape of a tube - with an elastic band sewn into the fabric on one end (see pic below).

Side note: At first I was a little hesitant to try out the Loc Soc because I had previously tried the equally-hyped Sue Maesta Hood and was not really impressed (Eh - it was just okay). The Sue Maesta Hood is constructed similar to the Loc Soc - but it looks more like pantyhose while the Loc Soc is constructed with actual fabric and looks more like you wrapped your head with a scarf. I prefer the Loc Soc.

I suppose one could achieve the same look of the Loc Soc by just using fabric from the fabric store, but for the more hair-styling-challenged / lazy folks (like myself), the Loc Soc is soooo much easier to work with. What I love about the Loc Soc is that I literally just throw it on and go - which is great on days when my hair looks a hot mess or when I don't feel like doing anything special to my hair (I can also pull/stretch the Loc Soc to its entire length and cover my hair for bedtime - how great is that??). I ordered the Loc Soc in leopard print (my favorite), a black and white print, and just a plain blue color (pics below). But knowing me, I will probably be ordering it in more colors and designs in no time! Too bad the shipping takes forever :(

The Loc Soc
Side Puff - black & white print
Large side puff - leopard print
Crown puff - leopard print
Crown puff - side view
High center puff


  1. Your curls look so Beautiful is these photos. What products did you use to make your hair so shiny?

    1. Oh dear! My apologies - I'm just seeing your comment. At that time, for my wash and go I was using Curl Junkie curl rehab as my leave-in conditioner, kinky curly as my main styler, and Curl Junkie's curls in a bottle as my finisher - I find that the curls in a bottle is what usually what adds extra sheen to my WNGs :)


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