40s Inspired Ponytail Style

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This week I was so excited that I could finally get most of my hair into a tiny ponytail puff (yaaay me!) - that I pretty much wore it that way for most of the week :) Like any typical puff style it was very easy to do and did not take much time - which is great for me because I am always running behind schedule when getting ready for work in the mornings! Well, technically all of my hair can't actually get into a ponytail - the front of my hair is not quite long enough yet and plus my hair is so super curly and coily that I think it would just spring back to the front of my head even if I wet it and tried to gel it into submission. Anyway I'm sure the additional length will come soon enough! In the meantime, I came up with a cute 40s inspired style that incorporates a small pompadour in the front where my hair is too short for the pontytail.

To achieve this simple style, I first slicked the rest of my hair back into a ponytail using water, coconut oils and aloe vera gel. I still used a cut knee-high stocking to secure my ponytail so that I could control how tight I wanted the ponytail to be (I really hate when my puffs are too tight). I created the pompadour by rolling the front section of my hair starting at the ends and rolling the section in a downward motion, as if I was putting an imaginary roller in my hair. Once it was rolled, I secured it in place with bobby pins and then pulled and fluffed to achieve the angled pompadour. Pics below!

- Click pics to enlarge -

Variation: When I wanted a change from the pompadour, I just did a flat twist and roll and then pinned it back.

- Click pics to enlarge -

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