My Favorite Products and Tools for Detangling

Monday, June 13, 2011

No matter what I do, detangling my hair is a process. But now that I have a better handle on which products and tools to use in order to simplify my detangling sessions, I at least no longer feel as if I am going into battle with my hair. Doing everything in sections - as well as finger-detangling almost everyday - has not only helped to make my thorough detangling sessions much more manageable, but I have also seen a decrease in the amount of hair I loose in the process. Over the past six months I have tried a number of products and tools to help me detangle my hair. Below are my favorites.


What can't my Oyin Honey
Hemp conditioner do? I use this conditioner for so many other things, and it totally holds it's own as a great detangling aid. It has great slip and when I use it my hair detangles like a dream, especially when I first let it absorb into my hair for a few minutes.
Even though Kinky Curly Knot Today is no longer on my "holy grail" product list, I still like to keep a bottle of it on hand because it is still hands down one of the best detangling leave-in conditioners I have ever used. My hair loves this stuff!
Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion has the best slip of all the conditioners I currently have in rotation. Because of the Glycerin I prefer it as a rinse-out condish instead of a leave-in, but as far as detangling and smoothing is concerned, it certainly lives up to its name!


I really love to use my Mason Pearson seamless rake comb in my "first-pass" at detangling each section of my hair after finger-detangling. Its alot like using a regular wide-tooth comb - but because it is seamless my hair doesn't snag or get caught on the teeth while I comb through it. My only wish is that this comb came with a handle!
I have an assortment of 2-3 paddle brushes that I like to use in my "final pass" at detangling each section of my hair. Not only does the paddle brush get out tangles missed by my rake, but it also helps to smooth my hair and (depending on the brush) "clump" my curls together.
My fingers are hands-down my best detangling tool. I finger-detangle almost every time I wet my hair in the shower. I use my fingers to smooth through each section of hair to help release my shed hair and to carefully separate and undo tangles before I ever touch my hair with my MP rake or any of my paddle brushes. 

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