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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ever since the Sesame Street "I love my hair" song went viral late last year, I have had my eye on the t-shirt or tank top with the same sesame street puppet character and tagline. There are a few pricier t-shirt versions available online (which I was not really willing to spend the money on), in addition to a very cute, more reasonably priced tank top available at Forever 21. I don't really go to Forever 21 that often, so when I finally got around to going today I had to see if I could find this tank top. I didn't really expect to find it since its been sold out on the Forever 21 website for months (I dont even think its even available on the site anymore). But after combing the entire store, I happened to find the section where they had this tank top as well as a few other sesame street tank tops - and there were only two left! So I picked up both - one for myself and one for my sister :)

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  1. I just stumbled upon this shirt - way late...and of course I can't find it anywhere! Glad you got them when you saw them!


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