Fluffing Out Satin Bonnet Hair

Monday, June 20, 2011

Since I now do a fresh wash and go almost every morning, I don't typically do much to my hair before bedtime to preserve the curls for the next day. I used to pineapple my hair at night during the winter when I did my wash and go's in the evenings, but lately I've just been throwing on my satin bonnet and calling it a night. On that rare occasion when I don't feel like re-doing my wash and go the next morning, I simply fluff out my hair so that it doesn't look like the flattened hot-mess it usually looks like when I first remove the satin bonnet (see hot mess pic below...lol). To fluff my hair out, I first lightly spritz it with some water to help loosen it up a bit. Then I do a combination of shaking it out and lifting it at the roots with a pick to get rid of that very unattractive "smooshed" curl look.

(Click photos below to enlarge)

1. Flattened Hot Mess
2. After some fluffing
3. Completely fluffed out. 

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