Plump Juicy Curls

Friday, May 13, 2011

For the first few days this week I wore my hair in a puff (due to extreme laziness). So I was more than  ready to get back to my normal wash and go routine by mid-week. When I did my wash and go this time, for some reason my curls and kinks were extra soft, plump and juicy! I had some really chunky curl-clumping happening - which is something that occasionally happens if/when my hair is overly moisturized. I also think that the dew point that day had something to do with it because my hair got bigger and and the curls more plump as the day went on. Parts of my hair bordered on being a little frizzy too but I didn't mind it because I liked the overall look :)

These pics were taken at the end of the day:


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