Naturally Curious About: Attempting a Twist-Out

Monday, May 16, 2011

This week on wash day I decided on a whim to twist up my hair instead of doing my usual wash and go. On this particular wash day, I divided my hair into sections and then shampooed with my favorite shampoo bar of the moment (Chagrin Valley Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar). Keeping my hair in the same sections, I deep conditioned under the steamer for 30 minutes with a new deep conditioner that I've been trying out (Spiral Solutions Deeply Decadent Moisturizing Treatment).

After steaming, I rinsed out the deep conditioner and then twisted up my hair into about 24 medium-sized twists using Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream and Oyin Shine and Define (I love the Oyin brand but I'm not really a huge fan of the Shine and Define because it does nothing for my hair - I'm trying to use it up since I have a whole jar of it...LOL). To speed up the drying time before I went to bed, I used my diffuser to dry my twists, then I tied them back with a silk scarf and covered with my satin bonnet.

This is my blow dryer with a large universal diffuser attachment
The next morning...
Before taking down the twists, I smoothed on some castor oil on each twist to add some sheen and minimize frizz. To take down each twist, I untwisted the hair in the opposite direction of the twist and then separated the sections. After separating the initial sections of the twists, I went through and further separated the sections for added volume. I then lightly picked out the roots (being careful to not comb all the way through to the ends of the curls) in order to further hide the parts.

Initial Take Down (front)
Initial Take Down (top)
Sections Separated
More Separating & Roots Picked Out

Verdict: Even though I liked the overall look of the twist-out, I doubt I will be doing twist-outs too often - at least not while my hair is at its current length. Even though it wasn't difficult to do, I thought that the whole process of putting my hair into twists was unnecessary and a bit time-consuming for me - since the texture created from the resulting twist-out looked fairly similar to my natural texture that happens with a wash and go (the biggest difference was that my twist-out hair appeared to be a bit more stretched). I didn't use products with any significant hold, so even though the curl pattern that the twist-out created was fairly defined, it didn't last longer than a day before it started to get more and more "poofy" (the rainy weather that day didn't help the situation either). However, one thing I did like is that my hair felt really soft to the touch - but I attribute that to the fact that I twisted my hair with the Burdock Root Butter Cream, which is a moisturizing product. If I attempt another twist-out in the future, I will probably twist using a medium-hold styling gel on top of a moisturizing leave-in so that the resulting twist-out style has more staying power.

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