May Puff + 90 Day Comparison

Friday, May 06, 2011

Here is a comparison of my puff as it looks currently to how it looked approx. 90 days ago in January when I was first getting the hang of doing a puff (95 days ago to be exact). When it comes to the art of making a puff, one lesson I have learned so far is to go for comfort! In the January pic above, my puff looked nice and presentable, but IT WAS SO TIGHT. Originally I used Scunci No-slip grip skinny soft head bands to put up my puff by stretching out the headband and then wrapping it around twice (or sometimes three times) to really secure the puff. While that helped give me a nice slicked-back puff with my then shorter length, it also would give me a nice pounding headache a few hours later because it had my hair pulled back so tight (my hair has never really liked being in any kind of super restrictive style). After I had one too many mid-day headaches, I quickly figured out a new and less painful way to do my puffs....with a cheap drugstore knee-high! The advantage of using a knee-high is that it is very stretchy and I can tie it off at a point where it feels comfortable and not pulling too much on my edges. In comparing the two pics, its obvious that my edges appear more taut and the hair at my roots more fully-stretched and slicked-back in the January puff than in my current puff. It also seems like my puff has gotten a little bigger since January...yaaaay :)

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