From Frumpy Fro to Edgy Frohawk :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ok, so my slightly poofy twist-out fro from my previous post wasn't exactly frumpy - but the edginess factor certainly stepped up a few notches when I pinned it up into a frohawk later that same day. It was super easy to do - I literally used 10 bobby pins total to pin up the sides and I skipped gel since I wasn't necessarily going for the super-slicked-back look. I wouldn't necessarily wear a frohawk into the office (or would I? hmmm...LOL) but I'm thinking this would definitely be a great style for a fun evening out!

Please excuse my failed attempt at posing like a rock star in these pics. #rockstarFAIL. LOL :)

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  1. Hahaha! You are hilarious! Failed attempt at a rockstar? LOL!!! I absolutely love mohawks! Everyone of my family members know this! Down to their children!!! LOL! Three things they all know:I love Leopard,Mohawks, and wearing Leopard earrings with my fabulous natural mohawk! LOL! You look awesome! Thanx for sharing!!!

    1. LOL I was feeling soooo rock star that day....except it totally failed to come through in the pics hahahaha! Frohawks are awesome! #TeamFrohawk :)


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