Had to Check My Curls Into Rehab Today...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Uuugh. Today my hair was soooooo super CRUNCHY and I absolutely hated how it felt. While it didn't look or feel dry per se, my curls and coils either clumped in a weird way or not at all, and I felt like I was hinging on having helmet head (LOL, say that five times fast). Touching and playing in my hair was certainly NOT the pleasant experience it usually is because it felt like I was touching and playing in a head of moisturized straw all day. But the truth is that I should have totally seen a crunchy hair day coming, because I knew this morning when I was doing my hair that I was being a bit too heavy-handed with the gel.

See, what had happened was....
(and let's also see how many times I use every form of the word "detangle" in the remainder of this post, LOL)

Yesterday I finally received this new detangling paddle brush (in a haul of hair stuff I ordered) that I had been dying to try out. So since my hair was due for a good thorough detangling anyway - I couldn't resist the urge to try it out immediately. To prepare for detangling, I sectioned my hair into 8 sections (pictured, left) and co-washed these sections with a new cheapie conditioner that I love - Garnier Fructis Pur Clean Fortifying Conditioner. Then I saturated my hair with one of my more pricey favs - Oyin Honey Hemp conditioner - and then detangled section-by-section with my new brush. As I was going along, I separated most of these sections into even smaller sections before detangling with the brush, and then twisted up each of these sections (I ended up with about 20 small to medium-sized twists). It took me about an hour to detangle my entire head of hair, and at that point it was so late and I was so tired that I just tied down my hair (wet twists and all) and went to bed.

The Next Morning....
My hair was still wet of course, so I skipped re-wetting/co-washing it in the shower and just jumped straight to styling it like I usually do with my wash and go. Starting at the back of my head and working towards the front, I took down each twist and applied gel to that section of hair using the rake and smooth method I always use. There were a couple of issues I realized right off the bat: (1) Detangling basically messed up my curls. In essence when I detangled, I basically brushed them out; (2) The sections my hair was twisted in were way smaller than the sections I usually work with when I style my hair; (3) I ended up using a more gel than I usually use on each section in a [failed] attempt to basically gel my curls back into submission. Yeah...that was a bad idea. By mid-morning when my hair started to dry, I could feel the crunch coming on. By the end of the day when my hair was about 90% dry, it looked fine but the crunchiness was in full effect :(

I hated how it felt so much that the minute I got home today,  I ended up water-rinsing my hair in the shower and then applying some Curl Junkie Curl Rehab, because well....my hair was practically O.D.-ing on crunchy-ness at that point. Now that my hair is checked into "Rehab" it already feels a thousand times softer, and I plan to keep it that way if I can help it! I guess we'll see what kind of hair day tomorrow brings. Looks like a good steaming might be in order!

Oh yeah - Use of the word "detangle" or any form of it = 9 or 10 times I think?

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