My First Attempt at a High Pony-Puff (Well, Sort of)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The other day I was playing in my hair because I was bored (yeah, I know - what else is and I decided to try to do a high ponytail/puff. I realized that the back of my hair seemed finally long enough to be able to do a puff higher than I normally do (well, sort you can see some pieces in the back still fell, but I didn't mind it). My hair was also in dire need of being detangled that day, so I decided to do a quick co-wash and detangle my hair before attempting to get it up in a high pony-puff. Before putting it up in the puff, I applied a leave-in conditioner and then topped it with my favorite finishing gel, Curls in a Bottle, then shook my hair out to separate the curls. Then I flipped my head upside down and used a knee-high to gather up the hair to the highest point in my crown area before tying it off. This is how it turned out!

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