The Eyes Have It

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Since going natural and having to rock shorter hair, I feel like I have had to step up the way I do my makeup. I guess when you're used to having medium-length hair the touches your shoulders for most of your life it tends to start defining a part of your femininity. So when that hair is cut much shorter like a boy - to a length that is above your ears - you tend to want to do what you can to look and feel more feminine. For some naturals, its about throwing on a pair of standout earrings and other jewelry. For me, its about having fun with makeup and interesting hair accessories. But I am learning that the best accessory to put on with shorter natural hair is confidence (even if you have to fake it 'till you make But back to the makeup ----> I have large eyes, so I tend to focus on using makeup to play them up most of the time. But I am also not afraid to rock a bold lip from time to time. Here are a few pics!

Peacock Eyes

Jeweled Eyes

Smokey Blue

Bold Red Lip (MAC Ruby Woo)

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