Naturally Curious About: The Tangle Teezer

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As a natural hair product junkie enthusiast, I enjoy watching alot of natural hair product reviews on YouTube, which in turn feeds my desire to try new products...ah yes, its an endless, vicious cycle (don't judge...LOL) Every now and then I notice certain products - seeming to come out of nowhere - that are all of a sudden reviewed by everyone in the YouTube natural hair community all at once. One such product that caught my attention in this manner was the Tangle Teezer. It seemed like all of my favorite natural hair YouTube vloggers were RAVING about the Tangle Teezer. Which ultimately meant only one thing: I had to try it too!

As soon as I had the time I went to my closest Sally's Beauty Supply to pick one up since - according to all my favorite Youtube vloggers - Sally's was the only beauty supply store that carried it "on the ground". But to my dismay, that particular Sally's didn't carry the Tangle Teezer. In fact, the store associates at that Sally's didn't even seem to know what I was talking about when I asked them about it. Um, have they been living under a rock? Do they not watch YouTube? Do they not know the products that their store is supposed to have in stock? Before I start to get too logical in this post, let me get back to the story at hand. I left the Sally's store, disappointed that I didn't get the Tangle Teezer. I must have called just about every Sally's Beauty Supply within driving distance and they were either sold out of it or never carried it to begin with. So I gave up my "on the ground" search and just ordered it online. It arrived in the mail about a week later and of course I couldn't wait to use it.

In my opinion, so far the Tangle Teezer totally lives up to its claim - it not only detangles my hair with ease, but it also smooths the section of hair and somehow encourages my curls and coils to "clump" together. I also loved the fact that though my hair is thoroughly detangled down to the very last knot, I don't lose that much hair in the process. So far, I've only chosen to use it on my hair while it is wet, in sections, and saturated with conditioner - I do not intend to use the Tangle Teezer on dry hair. Which brings me to the one thing I don't like about the way the Tangle Teezer is designed: its hard to keep a good grip on it when your hands are wet and slippery with conditioner. But once again, thanks to Youtube, I've already learned a way to modify the Tangle Teezer so that it is easier to grip. As the picture shows, the bristle part of the Tangle Teezer can be easily separated from the rear grip area. Once I removed the rear grip area from the equation it was a thousand times easier to grip. My only issue now is that if I keep using the Tangle Teezer as much as I currently do, I might need to get a backup!

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