My [Winter] Holy Grail Combination For My Wash and Go

Monday, March 07, 2011

NOTE: This combination of products is my go-to favorite in winter. I have a different favorite wash-and-go product combination for summer

I've finally figured out which products to combine to get the best results when I do wash and go's (which is most of the time). Once summer hits and the dew points change I may have to re-asses this combination - but since it is still cold out, this is what is currently working for me. I use Oyin Handmade's Hair Dew as a leave-in conditioner, then as a styling gel I use my cheap and trusty Aloe Vera Gel (Fruit of the Earth brand), and as a finisher I use my new love....Curls in a Bottle by Curl Junkie. Unless I am feeling lazy, I usually apply these products in sections to ensure that they are evenly distributed. Here's more about why these 3 products work together like a charm on my hair:

 Hair Dew (pictured center): It is a creamy water-based leave-in conditioner that also contains castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil, which seals in moisture like a dream! It is thick enough to add a layer of moisture but not too thick that it doesn't absorb into my hair (my hair has a lower porosity and so some products take forever to absorb into my hair, or worse - sits on top of my hair and makes it look white). When I use this as a leave-in conditioner under my styler, my hair continues to feel moisturized long after it dries.

Aloe Vera Gel (Fruit of the Earth brand, pictured right): This gel is my absolute favorite gel to use at the moment. I love that it only contains about 5 ingredients and Aloe Vera is listed as the very first ingredient - which means it is actually mostly Aloe Vera! The remaining ingredients are PH balancers, derivatives of Vitamin E, and preservatives.  I also love that this gel is super cheap (I get it for $3 and change) and that I can get it on the ground, which is great because I go through a TON of it in any given week. This gel has a medium hold, which means it can leave me with a slight crunch if I go way over-board with it. But what I absolutely love about this gel - unlike other traditional gels like the Eco Styler gel that everyone and their brother seems to be in love with - is that no matter how much of it I use in one sitting,  it doesn't leave behind that sticky icky gel feeling on my hair once it dries. I used to hate using other gels in my hair after washing it and then when my hair dries it may look good but it would feel dirty, icky, dry and well....gel-ish to the touch. When I use the AV gel on the other hand, my hair doesn't feel like I even put gel on it once it dries, which is exactly my cup of tea :)

Curls in a Bottle by Curl Junkie (pictured left): As a finisher, I usually smooth on my new love, Curls in a Bottle. This is also water-based and has a very light hold. I love to finish off my wash and go with this product because it actually adds in a final layer of moisture over top my gel and pretty much counteracts any potential crunchiness I could get if I happened to apply too much of the AV gel. It also serves as a very lightweight leave-in conditioner that seems to reduce frizz while helping my curls and coils further "clump" together.  I use very little of this compared to the amount of AV gel that I use because a little bit goes a long way - which is good because unlike the AV gel this mess is not that cheap! Oh yeah, one last thing about this finisher gel that I love... it smells yummy like a citrus popsicle! :)

UPDATE (3/20/2011): I forgot to mention that when I am not using the Oyin Hair Dew, I also really LOVE to use the Oyin Honey Hemp conditioner as a leave-in and I often go back and forth between these two leave-in options in my wash and go routine. Like the Hair Dew, the Honey Hemp is definitely a staple but I try to conserve it because it is my "good/pricey" conditioner LOL. But I think it is worth it because I can use this conditioner in multiple ways (as a wash-out conditioner, leave-in or deep conditioner). It feels so great in my hair, smells yummy, is very moisturizing - and as a result its also a great base to apply under a styling gel to add and seal in an extra layer of moisture.

I also recently tried the Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion as a leave-in and my first impression is that I like it (i.e., it has ALOT of slip and made my hair super easy to detangle). BUT - because this product contains vegetable glycerin (a humectant) listed as the 4th ingredient, the jury is still out as to whether or not this leave-in is as moisturizing as the Hair Dew and the Honey Hemp in various dew points for my hair. The day I used it my hair felt less moisturized than it normally does after it completely dried and my guess is that was because of the glycerin ingredient combined with a dew point that was kind of on the lower-moderate side. I'm thinking this product may behave differently on my hair in the summer months when the dew points are higher (40s and 50s). So I'm hesitant to make a final verdict on this product until I get to use it more when the temperature gets a little warmer and the dew points get more moderate/higher. In the meantime however, my hair LOVES this stuff as a wash-out condish/detangler.

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  1. I am such a product! :) I just love your reviews, keep them coming.

  2. LOL, thanks @Sheryl! Product Junkies unite! :)


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