Saturday Night Style

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Pinned up on one side [Click to enlarge]

Because my hair is sort of at a weird length (i.e. a little longer than a TWA, but not nearly long enough to be considered a medium length bob), I'm fairly limited with styling options - but I'm learning to improvise! Basically I end up doing several variations of my go-to wash-and-go style when I feel the need to "spruce it up" for special occasions.

Particularly, whenever either sides of my hair decide to act stupid and frizz out (which seems to be most of the my go-to style variation is usually pinning it up on one or both sides. I was going out to nice restaurant one Saturday night and decided to do just that. I found this rhinestone-embellished pin that jazzed it up even more than the regular black bobby pins I always use. Check out how it turned out....Me Likey!! :)

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