My First Braidout = EPIC FAIL (Well, To Me Anyway)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

One evening after work on a day I was planning to cowash, something possessed told me to braid up my hair instead of doing my usual tried and true wash-and-go styling. I decided to co-wash with my holy grail staple conditioner of all conditioners - Oyin Honey Hemp. My hair takes a million years to dry and I knew that if I braided soaking wet hair it would still not be completely dry by morning when I had to take down the braids for work. So after co-washing, I lightly towel-dried my hair until it was just damp. Then I just finger-parted my hair into small sections because if I do the braids too big they will just unravel at the ends. I used coconut oil to seal in the moisture on each braid and Oyin Shine & Define to hopefully give my braid-out some nice definition and light hold. When I was done with all the braids, I smoothed a dime size amount of my other favorite-of-the-moment, Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle. I totally didn't need to do this step but I just love the way this stuff makes my hair smell and feel :)

The next morning the braids took FOREVER to take down (note to self: dont ever experiment with a new style on a work-day, especially a day you cannot afford to be late for work). To minimize frizz and to help with take-down, I used coconut oil on my fingers. I really liked the shine and the definition the braid out gave me, but beyond that I really didn't like how my hair looked. Maybe it was the weird shape my hair is currently in (think borderline mullet because the back of my hair is longer than the rest...but it is less obvious when I do my wash and go's). Maybe it was the way I braided my hair - Braids were too small perhaps? Sections were too arbitrary? Not arbitrary enough? I have no clue what the problem was, but I do know it wasn't looking right from the minute I undid the braids. I tried to separate and fluff the sections for more volume and to cover the parts and the gaps, but the more I did that the more of a giant frizzball my hair became and the more of a hot mess it looked. Here's how my hair looked immediately after taking down the braids and before separating and fluffing.
I have no pictures of when I was done fluffing and it looked a hot mess because by then I was too short on time and I REALLY needed to do something to my hair to look decent for work. So I immediately re-wet my hair (another note to self: trying re-wet your hair by trying to put just your hair under the shower while fully clothed for work is also not a good idea) and quickly put it up in a wet puff. Trying this at my current length just further re-assured me that I just need to stick to my wash and go styles for now. Perhaps when my hair is longer this style will work out better, but for now my first and only braidout turned out to be an EPIC FAIL. And needless to say, I ended up being late for work that day. LOL.

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