Bedtime Routine: How I Preserve My Wash and Go (TWA Length)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Thanks to Youtuber & Blogger Denimpixie, I learned a "multi-pineappling" technique for shorter hair that helps me preserve my wash and go style for a few days. This technique really comes in handy for me because 1) I am lazy and would rather not have to re-do my hair every single day for work, and 2) It is winter right now and it is insane to leave the house with wet hair.

I don't pineapple exactly like denimpixie does, and I've had to experiment with how many pineapples to do for the best outcome the next morning - too many pineapples and you end up smooshing the curls anyway while you sleep, and too few pineapples will leave you with some huge flattened gaps where you finger-parted the hair. At my current length, six pineapples are just the right amount for me to preserve the curls from my wash and gos without crazy gaps, and to even stretch the curls a little bit at the roots.

Right now I use mini scrunchies to loosely hold the pineapples in place, but I can already tell based on how thick my hair is that I will probably graduate to using the regular-sized scrunchies soon. Then I cover my hair with a satin bonnet. The next morning I simply remove the bonnet and the scrunchies, lightly spritz my hair with water, then with an oil or pomade on my fingers to seal in moisture and minimize frizz, I gently "spread and fluff" the hair back into place. If needed, I also will shake my head to further release the curls. At the moment, I've found that I can do this technique for about 3-4 days before my wash and go starts to look tired and I need to re-do it.

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  1. How long did it take for you to graduate from multiple pineapples to a single pineapple ? What type of material(s) are the small scrunchies made of ?
    Nowadays, I've noticed that scrunchies are being make with cotton. For me its hard to find scrunchy made of satin/silk materials. Oh, the price we pay for healthy natural hair. Do you have an after scrunchy pics of this style ? This is a great ideal Demipixie has for shorter hair.

    Continued success on your hair journey :D


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