Naturally Curious About: Rhassoul Clay Overnight Deep Treatment

Saturday, January 29, 2011

On wash day this week I decided to do an overnight deep conditioning treatment with the Butter-n-Bars Conditioning Hair Masque since I've had it for a few weeks and hadn't tried it yet. Here is how it looks:

I was very excited to try a treatment with Rhassoul Clay since I've heard so much good things about this particular clay. As you can see it is pink and has very yummy ingredients: 100% Australian Pink clay and Moroccan Mud (Rhassoul clay), aloe vera juice, hemp seed oil, olive oil, raw honey and silk protein, grapefruitseed extract, and germall (formaldehyde and sulfate free preservative)

I've read that used on its own this masque can be a challenge to rinse out, so I decided to mix in even more yummy ingredients to help make the consistency of the mask smoother so it is easier to wash out. Using about 1/3 of the masque in the container, I added some conditioner (I used Jane Carter Solution Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner), more honey, 2 tablespoons of EVOO, caster oil, jojoba oil, and some more organic aloe vera juice.

Before applying the masque, I washed my hair thoroughly and then lightly conditioned with Oyin Honey Hemp so that I could easily finger detangle my hair. After detangling with my fingers, I rinsed out the Oyin Honey Hemp and divided hair into manageable sections. I then applied the clay masque to each section until all my hair was completely coated.

To prepare my hair for overnight conditioning - and since this clay masque is super messy - I pinned up my hair and then used saran wrap to wrap up my hair. Then went over the saran wrap with a couple of clear conditioning caps, then tied that down with a silk scarf, then followed with my satin sleep bonnet. I know it sounds like a bit of over-kill, but I was not trying to get any pink clay on my pillows...LOL.

The next morning I removed the saran wrap and then rinsed my hair thoroughly with warm water until the water ran clear before styling as usual.

Final Verdict: I LOVE this! Rhassoul clay treatments will definitely become a staple in my regimen. Overall, it was easy to apply and easy to rinse out once I modified the consistency. Most importantly, I also loved how this made my hair look and feel....curls were shiny and popping!!

Below are pics of how my hair looked after this treatment:

Click to enlarge pic
Click to enlarge pic

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