January Puff!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here are some pics of my puff that I was finally able to make work this month. It was done on 3-day-old wash-n-go hair that I had managed to preserve and rock for 3 days without having to re-wet my hair. This was day 4 and I decided to do a puff since the 3-day wash-n-go was starting to look tired and frizzy and I had to do something with my hair for work. I was able to do a puff before but this was the closest its ever gotten to slightly resembling a pony-tail...yay (my hair is not long enough to do an actual pony-tail yet)!! The only product I used to slick back the edges was water and aloe vera gel. l I figured I'd document this puff and do a comparison with how my puff looks a few months from now when I have more growth.

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