First Month Natural + I Think I'm Falling in Love :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This week will close out my first month of being 100% natural, and I think I am starting to fall in love. Now, I won't lie - in the week immediately following my big chop, I HATED MY HAIR. I think this was largely because both I - and my hair - was in a state of shock. I had been sooooo ready to chop off the stupid relaxed ends, but then when my sister finally cut them off, I had that "what the heck did you just do?!?!" moment that I hear so many new naturals have in the moments following the big chop. For starters, my hair looked MUCH shorter than it actually was. Yes ladies and gents, SHRINKAGE took my hair from the 5-inches I measured while it was stretched (ok, I know I am lame for taking a tape measure to my hair...don't judge to about 2 inches curly. But that wasn't even the worse part. I could deal with the shrinkage were it not for the DRYNESS. My hair was thirsty that first week, and I hated it how it felt. But thankfully, a few deep conditioning treatments and a few hours spent on Youtube and various natural hair blogs later, I was quickly learning how to give my hair the moisture it soooooo needed.

As month 1 progressed, I started experimenting with various natural products and ayurvedic powders/oils to figure out what my hair liked in winter weather. I also started experimenting with various hair styles - which was fairly limited given my length (see pics below).

Now that I am starting to get a hang of managing and styling my hair, I am truly starting to fall in love with it :) I've come up with a few hair-care goals that I would like to work toward in 2011. These goals involve promoting growth and the overall health of my hair:

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Develop a hair care regimen that largely incorporates natural and ayurvedic ingredients/elements/products
  3. Figure out how to alter this hair-care regimen in the warmer and colder seasons and varying dew points so that it is most conducive to the condition of my hair.
  4. Try to get it and keep it as simple as possible.
While its only been a month, I have already started experimenting with various products and ingredients to find out what my hair likes and doesn't like during these cold and dry winter months - and I realize that once it gets warmer, I will have to figure out what my hair does and doesn't like in warmer temperatures (Ok, confession: I am already sort of spiraling down into the never-ending hole of product junkie-ism, but there's just sooooo many natural products with yummy ingredients to try). But I promised myself that once I found a product or two (or that I liked and that worked great on my hair for a particular step in my regimen, I would keep it in rotation and stop trying/buying new things. We'll see how that works out :) Now on to pics...

The classic "puff" - but I'm quickly realizing that I dont like wearing the puff too tight because I get headaches after a few hours.

Best. Hair Day. Ever. I figured out how to do my beloved wash-n-go and better define my curls, coils and kinks. I think I am definitely going to be a wash-n-go girl if I can help it.

Pinned up on both sides.

Flat twisted "hair band" in the front. This was my first attempt at flat twists. ever :)

Another Wash-n-go. Hair was about 80% dry in this pic.
Wash-n-go with accessorized with a bird-cage veil of my favorite accessories for church :)

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  1. LOVING ITTTT!!! Especially the one with the twist going across and the one with the hat (makeup is on point too) YAAAY BINNIE!!! Lookin' good girl!

  2. Oh yeah the one with the purple scarf is also a FAVE!!! Love the fro' hawk.

  3. Thanks chica!!! Just tryin' to be like you when I grow the grace of God. LOL :)

  4. Be like me???!! Chick please... I am about to do another big chop on mine. Its really getting on my nerves. LOL You are doing SO much better than I was at that point in growth! Can't wait to see more pics!

  5. While I know that it may have been so long ago, do you recall what helped you overcome that period of dryness right after you first cut your hair?

  6. this is gorgeous!! i wanna try the flat twist in the front with the wash and go, it looks so nice..x


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