Naturally Curious About: Making My Own Homemade Deep Conditioner

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today my hair was feeling a bit dry, and my kinks and curls were kind of frizzed out because of how I slept on it - Last night I was too lazy/tired to pineapple my hair in sections to preserve whatever little curls I had that day (my hair was more poofy than usual) so I just threw on my satin bonnet and passed out.

This is what it looked like when I took off the bonnet this morning. (see below). Ahhhhhh shrinkage!!

Then I spritzed it with some water, and fluffed it out some.

Anyway I decided that since it felt so dry and thirsty, I probably needed to deep condition my hair and style it for work this week. I haven't gotten this quite down yet, but my goal on my wash/deep condition day is to style my hair so that it lasts a few days without me having to re-wet or co-wash it. Ok, I'm getting off topic....back to the homemade deep conditioning treatment.

I had read about Avocado/Honey/Extra Virgin Olive Oil mixes before and I was curious about whether or not I could work something like this into my regimen. It turned out to be pretty easy to mix and best of all...I already had all the ingredients in my fridge/pantry.

Here is the base recipe:

  • 1 small avocado, mashed (Hass variety is the perfect size)
  • 1-2 tbsp Jojoba oil
  • 1-2 tbsp Honey (or Agave Nectar is a good vegan sub)
  • 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • 2 tbsp of your favorite conditioner (as a creamy base - I used Jane Carter Solution Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner)
What I Did: In a bowl, I mashed the avocado as much as possible so that there are no noticeably large chunks (I now realize I should have done this step better than I did). Then I whisked in the oils and then the conditioner until the consistency of the mixture was smooth like cake batter. To help get the mixture as smooth as possible, I ended up having to free-form it a bit and whisk in more oils and conditioner than I stated in the base recipe above. I then divided my hair into 4 manageable sections and spritzed each section with water to dampen before applying mixture to the section. I did not comb it through my hair, I just smoothed it on. Once all the hair is saturated and coated with the mixture, I covered with a plastic cap and my Hair Therapy Heat Wrap for about 1 hour. After an hour, I rinsed the mixture out of my hair section by section, making sure that there are no chunks of avocado left in the hair (um, yeah...still finding random Then I did a quick co-wash/detangle with my Tresseme Naturals Conditioner and used Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in.

The finished look :)
My Hair felt like Heaven - it was sooooooo soft and moisturized. My coils and curls were shiny and poppin'!!!

When I got out the shower, I kept my hair in the same 4 sections I had in the shower and smoothed in some Aloe Vera gel section-by-section to define and "clump" the curls together. Then the final and most important step: I shook my hair out like a head-banger at a heavy metal concert to separate the "clumped" curls. Once I shook it out, I just let the curls fall where they may AND I DO NOT TOUCH MY HAIR UNTIL IT IS ALMOST DRY so that the curls can set. This is how my hair looked after air-drying and diffusing (see photo labeled "finished look").

Hmmmm, now I just have to somehow figure out how to pineapple this bad-boy so that it looks like this for work in the morning :-/

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